Starting with ideas, problems and questions

Presentation of Comenius project Living Green Partner schools and students and their visions for the Future.

Sustainable development: Brainstorming involving administration, staff and students.

Concreting topics of investigation: Waste, energy, localization, eco building, transport, urban development and social differences in Bergen and Hamburg.

Climate change: Miljøambassadør fra Grønn Generasjon foredrag på BHG, Klimatag in der HHS.

Politics: Sustainable development: Global and European intention concerning climate and environment for common action/ climate and environment and urban development. National and local politics and projects

Sources: EEA, miljøverndepartement, “Cities in the future” project. Politic: Norway and Germany. Ideology and political programs of the different political parties. Presentation of the political aims. History of the Hanseatic towns Hamburg and Bergen.

Social science: Working places. Gründer camp: How to start  sustainable business and working places, ENOVA and green companies. Research: Groups starting statements and collecting data, questionnaire and interviews, examples from the European Cities Bergen and Hamburg.


Results: Plans and problems. Presentation of example from Bergen and Hamburg (Power point presentations, blog, picture and text).


Communication: Skype, blog, email, Commsy-LMS platform Hamburg and LMS-it’s learning Bergen, Facebook

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