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The fine, green solutions for sustainable urban development in Bergen and Hamburg


Hello there! Here you will find a summary of work done and all the reports: The finest green solutions.

1. Political intentions/ targets: Presentation of the political systems by students. Visiting and debating with authorities for environmental and sustainable development in Bergen and in Hamburg at county and city level. We got acquainted with plans concerning urban development and densification. Lecture and interview.

Excursion: Discovering cities and urban areas: buildings and architecture, where and how people are living, regarding gender, age, social differences. New emerging living areas as examples for densification like Damsgårdsundet in Bergen and HafenCity in Hamburg, New urban densified centers as Åsane.

Ecological buildings like the Trehus in Bergen, passivhus and in Hamburg HafenCity. BHG and HHS, and the new school Amalie Skram vgs: environmental friendly.

Action research: Living together/ be a part of partner family and their household: practicing sustainable development, using energy, recycling, etc.

Transport: Public transport like in Bergen the “bybane” and plans and conflicts about New routes to Åsane, and in Hamburg the “U-4 Bahn” and “S-Bahn”. Sharing a car as Car2go and bildelering.

Localization of Business and workingplaces: Regional development – a program with green values and sustainable development. Visit Hotell Terminus, Cruise Terminals in both cities. MediaCity. Television and radio, working together as a Method , using ressources om different levels. In Hamburg: Medienhaus in HafenCity

Education institutions as schools and universities: Visit the VilVite-center, job and study possibilities and  climate Research.

Technology: Waste, Garbage tunnel, recycling and re-use

Energy:  Visiting BIR and Rådalen in Bergen, waste used for warming up houses. Research of alternative energy resources.

History: Hanseatic cities Hamburg and Bergen, Urban Development from MA and Hanseatic settlement. German and Norwegian relations.

Students presenting the results of their home studies and field work and develop project plans for their common work in order to compare their results. They will work in mixed groups of Norwegian and German pupils, exploring the environment of the host city, visiting partner institutions and learning about each other concepts of lifelong learning. They used new media to visualize the results of their work.  Comparative study: What did we learn about green living in european cities?

We would like to invite you to participate in future cooperation for a Green Living, a sustainable urban Development in Europe and in the World.

Green classrooms 

Final reports:

Green Living – Final Document – Energy by Riad and Michelle and

Green Living Energy Philipp and Vegard

Green Living Waste Arild and Jelena  and Green Living Waste Jonas and Elida and Jana Eder

Green Living in Europe Transport by JanaPetri Victoria and

Green Living Transport Isa and Domenic

Green Living in Europe Localization by Albert and Louise

Green Living Urban Development, Lars Otto, Flexi, Greta, Hans J

Green Living Ecobuilding Martin and Daria


På nynorsk: Rapport

Byutvikling: report_nynorsk_peter

Transport: report_nynorsk_bendik

Avfall; report_nynorsk_Arild



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