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The introduction of the groups

Here is a short presentation of the groups of Green Living:

During this project, we attend to learn more about how waste has an influence on the people. We want to make the people of Bergen more concerned and aware of what both garbage and pollution does, and what we can do to make a change.

These are the questions we are going to discuss: – How to create sustainable energy sources which is both effective and profitable over a period of time? – The energy sources of the future? – How to improve the universal environment situation, and also the local society in Bergen city?

We also came up with a problem statement. “What responsibility do the traffic cause the climate in Bergen?” Here are examples of topics we are going to present: Public transport like “Bybanen” which is a light train, discussions about a closure of a parking house, air pollution caused by traffic and bicycles and paths for the cyclists.

How do the trade contribute to a green regional development? Where do we find operational places, companies and bureas? With the waterfront, or along the rail etc..? Which projects and measures do we find in Bergen and Hamburg?


We choose the topic: Houses and Buildings. We will probably look on examples in Bergen and Hamburg, on how we can make houses and buildings more environmental. We will also look at some concrete building examples, good solutions and politics. Our problem/setting in this theme will probably be: How can we make our houses more environmental friendly, and/or how can we live in a way that”s good for the environment. That”s basically what we”re wondering about, and probably what we wanted to learn about during this project.

Urban Development 1:
City development
What should be sacrificed and what should be prioritized to make the city centre and the new city centres in Bergen and Hamburg more environmentally friendly in the future? How to create a balance between economy, “green” innovations and venerable old places and buildings?
Urban Development 2:
To live in a district: What are the social differences between the different districts in Bergen and in Hamburg, and the people who live there? How will the districts be in a few years? What is desirable?

Urban development in Bergen and Hamburg: Can we see social differences? Which problems, current projects and future perspectives exist?



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